Make Your “Love Resolutions” this Valentine’s Day

Make Your “Love Resolutions” this Valentine’s DayWe’re well into the New Year, and everyone’s made their resolutions with ambitious goals. You’ll find the gym is a little more crowded, fast-food restaurants are a little less busy, and you might even see a few new faces at your yoga class.

But what about our love lives? Why aren’t we making love resolutions in the new year? I believe it deserves a top spot on the resolutions list! Whether you’re in a wonderful twenty-year marriage or in a brand-new relationship, there’s always room to improve or shape the love life you want.

And with Valentine’s Day around the corner, what better time to be inspired to pursue a better, more fulfilling love life? It’s never too late to reinvent your relationship and rediscover new romance. Here are a few places to start:

Show More Appreciation

It’s so easy to forget all the little things that enhance romance. Try getting back to the basics. Things like long affectionate hugs, passionate kisses and massages work wonders. Touch each other lovingly, and often.

Also, be sure to listen more, talk more, and laugh deeply together. Reminisce about the fun times in your past, or your romantic plans for your future together. And most importantly, you should both work to close any gaps that may have come between you, whether physical, mental or emotional.

 Take Care of Your Body

Set aside some time to present yourself to your partner as a lover who goes the extra mile. Shave down the stubbles, groom your pubes, shower with a sexy new soap, and spend extra time flossing and brushing.

Since physical health is important to a vibrant life, be sure to stretch and exercise regularly to keep that body of yours in shape. Even if some brisk walking is all you can fit in your schedule, that’ll do the trick. The better your body feels, the more confident and mentally free you’ll feel – and that translates heavily and positively into every aspect of your love life.

Widen Your Horizons

Admittedly, sometimes expanding your sexual horizons can be difficult to accomplish. The key is to be understanding with each other, which will help you to relax and release any emotional and sexual hang-ups you may have so you can slowly ease into new territories. Be a great listener. Let egos go. Communicate verbally and nonverbally. Enjoy experimentation and turn some new leaves, like initialing intimacy more often.

Be A Generous Lover

What kind of lover are you? Do you do more of the giving – or taking? Wherever you may fall on the scale, even the playing field. Remember: the more you give, the more you get. Try this: Set aside a night where you are 100 percent dedicated to pleasing your partner. Fully engage yourself—body, mind and soul—and take your time to be a selfless and a generous lover.

Let all the pleasure flow from you, with no pressure on your partner to reciprocate. Until next time, that is, when you switch roles and go from pleasurer to pleasured!

Speak Up!

You have the power to turn this year’s Valentine’s Day into a personal sexual renaissance. And it starts by being an awesome communicator. Find a good time to talk that is outside the bedroom, like over lunch or on a walk. Talk about your fantasies and desires, and the kind of pleasure you want in the bedroom. Tell your partner what you’d like to do to them… but never have. Open the doors to honest communication and you learn quickly how powerful it is, and that it’s the key to positive change*

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